UNVEILING HORROR – AfterLight Comics’ Chilling Universe

AfterLight Comics, an independent horror comics publisher headquartered in Wales, United Kingdom, has been making waves in the world of horror literature since its inception in late 2018. Founded by the talented writer and visionary Joseph Oliveira, this publishing house has established itself as a beacon for all things spine-tingling and terrifying.

With an impressive catalog of over 30 horror comic titles to their name, AfterLight Comics has proven that they are here to deliver the darkest and most thrilling narratives. Among their standout works, you’ll find the eerie Folk-Horror series “Wendigo Wood,” the supernatural chills of “Ghost Island,” the mind-bending psychological horror of “Stay Awake,” and the hair-raising tale of “Rise of the Goatman,” among many others. With each new release, AfterLight Comics beckons readers into the shadowy realms of fear, promising an unforgettable journey into the heart of horror.

What sets AfterLight Comics apart is not just their storytelling prowess, but also their unwavering dedication to their craft. To fund and bring their ghastly visions to life, they have successfully launched and fulfilled a staggering 30 Kickstarter campaigns, a testament to their commitment and the support they receive from their dedicated fan base. Their Kickstarters go beyond comics, extending to folklore-inspired card games like “Clash of the Cryptids” and “Clash of the Yokai,” adding a unique interactive element to their already captivating universe.

As a testament to their dedication to the horror genre, AfterLight Comics has carved a niche for itself by delivering stories and concepts that are truly one-of-a-kind. Their narratives explore the deepest recesses of fear and the macabre, leaving readers both thrilled and chilled in equal measure. The distinctive storytelling and artistic style that Joseph Oliveira and his team bring to each project have earned them a devoted following of horror enthusiasts who eagerly anticipate each new release.

To stay connected with AfterLight Comics and delve further into their nightmarish creations, you can follow them on their various social media channels and explore their website (LINKTREE). The eerie and enthralling world they’ve built continues to expand and evolve, making it essential for any horror connoisseur to keep a keen eye on their updates and releases.

At Monsterflix, we are thrilled to be able to support visionary creators like AfterLight Comics. Their relentless pursuit of delivering the finest in horror comics aligns perfectly with our mission to celebrate and share the very best in the horror genre. We eagerly anticipate each new spine-tingling release from AfterLight Comics and encourage all horror aficionados to explore their chilling tales of terror. In the realm of horror comics, AfterLight Comics is a shining example of what it means to push the boundaries of fear and storytelling, one blood-curdling page at a time. We will also have a podcast episode in which we’ll learn more and take a peek behind the curtain to discover how AfterLight Comics’ creative journey began.