Margaux Colarusso's Cinematic Charisma and Award-Winning Performances

Margaux Colarusso, aged 30, is a Belgian actress of Italian origin with a decade-long history in the artistic field.

Having initially delved into modeling, she achieved recognition by reaching the finals of the “Miss Hainaut for Miss Belgium” competition—an inter-provincial contest with similarities to Miss France. Following this experience, Margaux embraced acting exclusively, finding it more enjoyable and truly exhilarating, ultimately discovering her true calling. Her journey has been a straightforward, natural progression driven by a deep, resonant connection to her craft. Margaux’s dedication and perseverance shine through, reinforced by pivotal moments, such as a director encouraging her to pursue acting during the shooting of “Au service de la France.” Transitioning into acting, she participated in various short films available on YouTube and independent feature films like “Ab Negative,” “The Darkest Sorrows,” “Gravidam,” and “Ida.”

Margaux’s outstanding performances earned her awards at festivals across the globe, from the USA and England to the Czech Republic, Italy, Brazil, and Japan. The recognition warms her heart, serving as both validation for her work and a source of motivation. Passionate about genre films, Margaux appreciates the excitement and challenges they offer, allowing for a complete range of acting and pushing one’s limits.

In terms of technique, Margaux believes in letting herself be influenced by the on-set atmosphere during each scene, playing by feeling in the moment. She acknowledges the challenges of daring storytelling on screen in the current era but foresees a promising future for genre cinema, fueled by people’s love for horror films, thrills, and the adrenaline of being scared. Margaux has no specific identification with a particular person but expresses admiration for Winona Ryder, Jamie Lee Curtis, Keira Knightley, and Kristen Stewart.

Regarding her favorite horror films, she cites classics like “Fright Night” (1985) and “Halloween” (1978), along with a fondness for the universes of Tim Burton, John Carpenter, Mike Flanagan, and others.

Her latest film, “PANDAEMONIUM,” casts her as Elizabeth, a rebellious young girl returning to her dying mother. The film premiered on November 17 at the Cameo cinema in Tamines, Belgium, with potential additional screenings and availability on various platforms in the future. Margaux also appeared in the short film “The Dark Eyes,” visible on YouTube, while her previous works are accessible on platforms such as Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, Tubi, and Sofa VOD (France). All relevant information about Margaux is available online. 

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