A Cinematic Journey with Brandon Gotto's "Gravidam"

Meet Brandon Gotto, an independent Belgian filmmaker with an unwavering passion for creating provocative and transgressive cinema. A self-taught artist, Gotto crafts his films with a deeply personal touch, exploring the intricate theme of mourning and its self-destructive impact on the human psyche. His cinematic creations are designed to immerse viewers in intense and raw experiences, leaving an enduring imprint on their souls.

BRANDON GOTTO, director and producer

Brandon Gotto’s films have garnered acclaim at numerous film festivals, earning him multiple awards for his exceptional storytelling and innovative approach. His cinematic adventures are not only available on Apple Plus TV and Amazon Prime but can also be experienced on his official YouTube channel, a platform where fans can easily access his compelling narratives. Adding depth and brilliance to Gotto’s films is the talented actress and producer Margaux Colarusso. Renowned for her unforgettable performances, Colarusso has brought life to several captivating roles in Gotto’s previous works, contributing to the overall success of his projects.

MARGAUX COLARUSSO,  actress and producer

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